Complaints and Appeals Process

ASQ has a complaints process in place, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with any aspect of our service. Once the appropriate Approved Centre complaint policy has been followed and documented, candidates can escalate their complaint to;

Rachel Palmer, ASQ on 01675 624764

Please see attached for full ASQ complaints policy for details.C1 ASQ Complaints Procedures -

ASQ Appeals process is available should candidates have the need to escalate the appeal following the outcome of the Approved Centre appeal.  Should the appeal need escalating further it will be presented to the ASQ Independent Appeals Review Panel who will investigate the handling of the appeal has been in line with regulatory procedures.  The Independent review panel decision will be final.

Please see attached for full ASQ Appeals policy for details.

ASQ Customer Service

Customer Service Principles

  • ASQ is committed to providing both approved centres and candidates with a service that is courteous and professional, consultative, responsive, open, informative, prompt, efficient, cost effective and collaborative.

  • All of our employees and contractors will adopt this customer-friendly yet professional manner in their dealings with approved centres and candidates.

  • ASQ is committed to ensuring that administrative obligations on its approved centres are as streamlined as possible and manageable as the integrity of the qualifications permits.

  • ASQ is committed to ensuring we and our customers comply with regulatory requirements.

ASQ have a mechanism in place for measuring the extent to which we have met our commitment to providing both approved centres and candidates with a high quality service. In order to be able to measure our performance, we have set ourselves ambitious customer service targets, based on the quality criteria listed in the Customer Service Principles. Those targets, cover 10 individual aspects of our service, constitute the performance measures which we will use to gauge the extent of your satisfaction with the service you as an approved centre or candidate have received from us.