Becoming an ASQ Recognised Centre is a simple but thorough process.

ASQ Approval is given in two parts; Centre approval and Qualifications Approval. Upon receipt of a formal request via our contact form here, or directly from the ASQ Operations Manager the following forms can be obtained:

  • ASQ Awarding Body 'Expression of Interest' form (H0) - to be completed by organisations wishing to highlight their initial interest to ASQ to approve and award their qualifications which adhere to the ASQ vision.

  • Centre approval (H1) and Centre Facilities approval (H1a) forms- A continuation of H0, these forms request and state the detailed requirements of centres wishing to have qualifications approved and awarded by ASQ.

  • ASQ Centre Handbook (B11)- This handbook is required by customers wishing to obtain or retain ASQ approval. It outlines all the processes and procedures, and includes the approved centre annual review processes. It outlines the final stage agreement and commitment which will ensure you are equipped to adhere to ASQ criteria.

Upon receipt of these documents your proposal will be placed before the ASQ strategic board for consideration and feedback. After which the following stages apply:
  • ASQ board decision, Operations manager feedback and supporting action plan.

  • Assignment of External Verifier (EV) and appointment date to be agreed in order for ASQ to validate centre and qualification submission.

Please find below downloadable versions of form H0 and H1.

H0 New Customer Expression of Interest Form

H1 Centre Approval Application Form

Becoming an ASQ Approved Centre