Centre Information

The ROle of our Approved Centres

As an ASQ approved centre you will have a strong desire to work with us to influence the content of your qualifications, to ensure your sports receive the most fit for purpose qualification possible, along with the capacity and desire to deliver and assess the qualification internally to ASQ and regulatory standards.

Based on occupational or business standards, ASQ approved delivery centres, with the support of ASQ will design the Qualifications to meet the regulatory legislation and  frameworks, whilst remaning relevant to your sector.

The finalised qualfication can be submitted to the relevant country qualfication framework which can be viewed publicly by learners seeking the best qualificaiton to suit their needs. (please note In England, NI Ireland and Wales selected qualifications may firstly be subject to regulatory scrutiny and accrediation process prior to submission to their regulated frameworks). 

In Scotland all qualifications will be required to go through an accrediation process prior to delivery to learners. A further seperate submission to SQA Accreditation is required for qualifications that you wish to have accredited to their SCQF. (Scottish Credit and Qualification framework).

Quality Assurance

As our External Verification process is crucial to maintaining our quality assurance and compliance standaards, all ASQ approved centres will be required to follow ASQ policies. These have been designed to support our learners to ensure they receive the best possible support and experience. Approved centres will be required to have their own quality assurance structure in place, or be prepared to build this into their environment upon 'Approved Centre Application' with the support and guidance of the ASQ External Verifier.

Annual Approved Centre visits to maintain internal quality assurance will take place by an ASQ External Verifier in conjunction with desk top sampling to ensure no quality is compromised.